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Great experience in Door Gunner

Helicopter Door Gunner Training is of great importance to protect the Helicopter and Crew. Pathfinders Door Gunner Training has proven to train and keep the Door Gunner crew current in a very realistic way.

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We'll make you a complete
and ready Crew Member

Being part of a Helicopter Crew means that you need to be able to act as one team. Training is required to make this happen and outstanding training equipment is therefore of big importance.

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We'll give wings for your
unlimited training

Practise makes perfect but means you need to be able to train effectively. Using Pathfinders simulators make it possible to train 24/7 without any restrictions.

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helicopter door gunner trainers

Practise makes perfect

refueling trainer


Communications and Accuracy

external load trainer

Train and learn from your mistakes

Safe and unlimited


Modern Armies have the desire to train their soldiers unlimited in order to prepare them for their challenging tasks. Using Simulators will provide this service and makes it possible to train 24/7 without any restrictions.

what's new

FN Herstal M3M (GAU21) simulation weapon

The FN Herstal M3M (GAU21) is the latest weapon development from Pathfinders Systems Inc. and in use by the Royal Dutch AirForce Helicopter Door Gunner Trainer.

External Load Trainer

The US Navy is using 3 Heavy Load Trainers developed by Pathfinder Systems Inc.

Helicopter Sniper Training

Special Forces train long distance shooting from Helicopters. Pathfinder Systems Inc. delivered their first Helicopter Sniper solution 1,5 years ago.

New Development started for the M134 (Minigun) weapon system

Pathfinder Systems Inc. started the developemnt of the M134 (Minigun) weapon. Beside the FN-MAG (M240) and the FN Herstal M3M (GAU21) the M134 (Minigun) is in use with many Armies arround the world.


- Raymond Bergshoeff Managing Director, StingRay Training Solutions B.V.

Cost Effective Training 24/7

"Pathfinders Systems Inc. Door Gunner Simulator makes it possible to train 24/7 without rescheduling training courses due to weather conditions"

- Ross Cohlmia Senior Mechanical Engineer, Pathfinder Systems Inc.

The Smallest details can make a live saving difference

"Developing a Simulator starts with understanding the customers needs and deliver what matters, then you make the difference"

- Sheila Jaszlics President and Onwer, Pathfinder Systems Inc.

Focus and you can change the World

"Delivering a Simulator is a huge Responsibility and Honour because we at Pathfinder Systems dont deliver ordinary Simulators. Our endusers rely on what we deliver in order to save lives today and in the future"

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Train with the best equipment as close as possible to real

"Training has the advantage to train and make mistakes. In this line of work it is important to know what to do when mistakes are made. Pathfinder trainers are a great tool to train unlimted"


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