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Pathfinder Systems, Inc. is a small business recognized for proven performance at the leading edge of systems engineering, software engineering, innovation, research, and development.

We understand that the ultimate measure of quality is customer satisfaction. Our technical performance has been consistently rated outstanding by our customers. Every contract is fulfilled with exceptional quality, on schedule, and at or below the contracted cost. We will meet or exceed your performance goals.

Our customers appreciate that we are innovative and productive, and that we understand their needs. We strive to ensure our understanding of all aspects of the customer’s world. We respond to stated requirements but also explore the reasons behind the details of the requirements.

Pathfinder Systems is an established company, ready to help you meet your goals. We have served the advanced research and development efforts of the U.S. government, many of its prime contractors, and allied governments since 1985.  Focused on your organization’s needs, we can develop and provide solutions for the seamless interoperation and integration of your complex system requirements.

Our accounting system is approved and regularly reviewed by the Defense Contract Audit Agency. By providing on-time, on-cost, well-managed, and technically superior performance, we give you the best value for your contract or subcontract dollars.

Small Business Information

Pathfinder Systems, Inc. is a small business:

  • Woman-Owned
  • Veteran-Owned

We have been in business since 1985 under the same ownership and management. If you are a federal agency or contractor, we will help you meet your woman-owned small business and veteran-owned small business goals.


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The Helicopter Crew Simulation Experts

Pathfinder Systems Inc. is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of interactive, motion-based Helicopter Crew simulators. We are committed to design and support the best customer installations. Pathfinders team of software developers, mechanical engineers, service engineers and project managers are based at our global headquarters in Denver Colorado, USA. We have sales and service operations in North America and Europe to serve a growing international customer base.



Our Staff

Sheila Jaszlics, President of Pathfinder Systems Inc.

As owner and President of the company I am honoured to provide all Armed Forces arround the World with our Training Systems.

Raymond Bergshoeff, International BD & Sales Director

Working with Pathfinder Systems is a pleasure and a lot of fun. The whole team at Pathfinder works as one team with a strong focus on our customers.

Our Standards

  • ISO 9001

    Pathfinder Systems Inc. is since 1990 ISO 9001 certified


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Randy Hughes

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