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Simulator Maintenance

We at Pathfinder Systems understand that a simulator is as good as the simulator maintenance. the Delivery of a Simulator is one thing but then the challenge starts. We will make sure we will provide you with the best service we can give you together with our customers. Quarterly maintenance meetings are not unussual for us and we encourage our customers to make this part of their project.


Pathfinder is able to help customers with detemine their requirements for a Specific training solution. Our many years of experience will be very helpfull about what will be possible and what not.

Software Development

At Pathfinder we have a team of Software Engineers who understands the customer needs. Bringing technology and users together makes it possible to deliver an excellent training system.

Integration Projects

Pathfiders prefers to integrate proven products into our simulators. This method means we take the best of the best and deliver this to our customer.

Simulation Weapon Development

Developing realistic weapons is key for a Helicopter Door Gunner Trainers. The amount of Rounds fired with the training weapons exceed the normal expected live time.

Service and after care

Service and after care is something Pathfinder Systems takes very serieus. Like flying with an Airplane we understand what is required to keep the simulator going in order to support the important training courses.

Pathfinder Systems 30+ years of experience means you can rely on good and cost effective service and after care. Pathfinder Systems offers a preventative maintenance service plan for every need and budget. These plans can be delivered annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. All service plans introduce a standard protocol for each simulator, reviewing the entire system and identifying areas of concern. All preventative maintenance activities in combination with corrective maintenance tasks will increase the effectiveness and extend the life of your simulator.


We offer a wide range of courses, from beginner to refresher courses, right up to professional qualifications. Our team of experienced instructors are available, so training can fit in around your busy schedule.

In order to use the Simulator to the Max training of the Instructors is extremely important. The Instructors need to understand all the possibilities and limitations of the system so that they can develop the perfect training courses. We at Pathfinder are in favour to have one or two Instructors dedicated to the system which secure the availabilty of the system. Pathfinder will teach the Instructors how to create and develop scenario's as alternative Pathfinder also offers the possibility to create and develop training scenario's for our customers.

Instructor Training