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Disabling Fire

Shooting from out of a Helicopter with a Disabling Fire weapon means this needs to be trained over and over. It also means a lot of flying time with the Helicopter and therefore expensive flight hours. With Pathfinder Simulator you are able to train 24/7 when needed. Every situation can be simulated and new technigues can be tested.

Using Pathfinder Simulator will make the shooters experts in the Sky.

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Simulated M134 (Minigun) weapon

Next to the current M3M .50Cal., Browning .50Cal, M240 (FN-MAG, GPMG) Pathfinder is currently developing the M134 (Minigun) weapon to his fleet of weapons. This weapon will, as like all other weapons, have the same functionalities as the real weapon. This means that all Weapon handling can be trained.

The M134 (Minigun) weapon is one of most used weapons in Helicopters next to the .50Cal and M240 (FN-MAG, GPMG) weapons.

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